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13th Edition

Modern classic

For this award winning Hawthorn landscape design, only the best would do - only the most exacting workmanship and the highest quality materials. Melbourne Landscape Company, Exquisite Gardens Australia was charged with the task of creating this dream garden, working closely with the client to achieve a truly remarkable result.

Formal in design, this is a smart garden in every sense of the word: from the neat well-defined layout to the garden lighting and outdoor speakers, which meant smart wired into the home automation system.

In a formal garden, you will always find a strong underlying sense structure and an unmistakable emphasis, on symmetry and balance this well­ ordered approach to design is clearly suited to small or elongated urban spaces as this exquisitely finished landscape more than amply proves.

Granite figures prominently throughout in the form of paving, pool coping and a polished granite water feature. So impressive was the result that this Melbourne landscape construction it won Exquisite Gardens Australia the Hard Surfaces Award in the Landscape category in the 2005 Landscape Industries Association of Victoria Awards of excellence. In making the award, the judges praised the way in which Exquisite Gardens handled the symmetrical design, the complex level changes and its attention to detail.

Focal points come in the guise of two water features, strategically positioned so they can be viewed from all areas of the home and garden. Structure is provided by feature fencing throughout and richly textured, rendered brick walls and planters. Exquisite Gardens completed this project with scant need for outside contractors and are very proud of their achievements. This meant they were involved in everything from the major excavation work needed to create the various levels and construct extensive subsurface drainage throughout the garden to the planting of the mature species to achieve an established look to this exquisite Hawthorn garden design.

Photography by Patrick Redmond

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