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20th Edition

Sense of serenity

This authentic Japanese garden provides a place of sanctuary and a sense of inner peace.


It creates a feeling of being one with nature and in harmony with the changing seasons. From the koi filled pond to the hand carved timber bridge, this Melbourne garden design has all the features you would expect of an authentic Japanese garden.

Credit for the design and construction of this very special landscape goes to Melbourne Landscape Design and Construction Company Exquisite Gardens Australia, headed by John Woollard for whom working on this project was a source of great pleasure.

"The owner is very passionate about Japanese gardens and demanded the utmost quality from day one", says John 'He wanted the garden to be a sanctuary in which he and his family could relax, reflect and find a sense of inner peace'.

"And while the creation of an authentic Japanese garden was his prime priority, making the most of the available space and taking into account the visual aspect from all viewing points within the home was also of critical importance.

The Japanese pagoda is a focal point of the design as is the ornamental pond, complete with waterfall this wonderfully natural-looking pond is filled with large koi and is traversed by a curved bridge boasting hand carved detailing.

"The pond has been carefully designed to create a healthy, flourishing eco­ system", says John. "All parts of this pond have been calculated to give the most natural environment possible for the abundant fish life".

And as you would expect in a Japanese garden the emphasis on natural materials is evident throughout from the use of recycled timber for the bridge and extensive decks to the bluestone slab stepping stones.

"The creation of this Balwyn garden design allowed us to showcase the diversity of our design capabilities and demonstrate that we can deliver all styles of landscaping successfully; says John 'Each employee of Exquisite Gardens took great pride in learning the principles of authentic Japanese garden design and then applying these values to the design and construction of this truly wonderful garden", he adds "It was this extensive research into everything from material choices to plant choices that was the key to this Melbourne garden's success."

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