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16th Edition

A true classic

For such a magnificent home, nothing less than a landscape of superlative design would do.

Of breathtaking beauty, this inspired classical Melbourne landscape is a testament to the design and construction expertise of its creators, Melbourne Landscape Designers - Exquisite Gardens Australia.

During the design phase of the project Exquisite Gardens faced a rather unusual challenge the property is located in one of Melbourne's most prestigious suburbs and every home in the street had either recently been landscaped, or was in the process of being transformed. Turning the challenge into an opportunity, the design team set about devising innovative alternative material combinations and unique design solutions to create a landscape unlike any other.

Following a nine-month gestation period, the landmark Toorak garden design delivered by Exquisite Gardens was everything the discerning homeowner hoped for - and more.

"Our objectives were to maintain an extremely high standard of product and a sympathetic balance of hard and soft surfaces within the landscape," explains Exquisite Garden's John Woollard. "Many products and design values were researched Australia wide, as well as internationally, creating the perfect landscape for such an extraordinary home.

"Designing and constructing a garden of this magnitude was an amazing opportunity," he continues. "It allowed us to create a personally tailored environment that not only reflects our client's lifestyle but complements the architecture of their home. It also allowed us the chance to investigate and explore many luxury products and inclusions to extend and enhance the clients' outdoor living experience."

Water is integral to the design and a recurring motif. There are five water features in total and each precisely positioned to be viewed from various areas of the home and garden. There is a water feature at the rear of the house, a water wall by the pool, a formal fountain at the entry to the home plus two lineal ponds with bubblers and water walls.

The hard landscaping elements –in particular the granite paving -are equally impressive and are shown to great advantage in the property's grand entrance. Paying homage to the artistry of the ancient Romans, there are intricately patterned, decorative mosaic panels inset into the paving and cobblestones that speak of timeless design.

At the rear of the residence, a double path of large format pavers, laid in a stepping stone formation, leads from the portico, across a manicured lawn to a stunning feature area comprised of an elegant wall, water feature and seating. From front to back, this Toorak garden design has a strong sense of balance and symmetry which is enhanced by the formal approach to planting. The exception to this are the feature Canary Island palms (two of the largest available for sale within Australia), which add a dramatic tropical flourish to the landscape.

As with any garden, much of what marks it as a success went on behind the scenes -or more accurately under the ground. In this project, Melbourne Landscapers Exquisite Gardens installed extensive sub surface drainage to all lawn areas, garden beds and behind the retaining walls. Comprehensive surface drainage to all paving areas was also installed and connected to an underground 25,000-litre water tank. This tank provides water for the fully automated PVC irrigation system.

The result is a stunning Toorak landscape design of grand proportions and even grander style. Constructed to last, this is a landscape that will stand the test of time. A true classic!

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