Outdoor Rooms Design & Living

6th Edition

In the classic style

A formal style garden of timeless appeal

Designed in the classic formal style by Hugh Gilmour and Associates, the grounds of this breathtaking mansion in the Melbourne suburb of Toorak is truly a work of art.

Melbourne landscaping company Exquisite Gardens Australia were charged with the task of making the designer's inspired, space-enhancing plans a reality, from the creation of a formal outdoor dining 'room' to the ponds, fountains and parterre gardens.

The task of illuminating this fabulously formal landscape fell to Luminance Night Gardens. Using fittings predominantly from Lumascape Lighting Industries, a lighting design was developed that included uplighting of plants and statuary, underwater lighting, step lighting as well as inground fittings and low wall lights to ‘enclose' the al fresco dining area at night, emphasising the 'room' effect of the landscaping.

Adding to the traditional elegance of the landscape is the high-quality granite paving and steps supplied by Granite Works. The granite lends a much-needed solidity to the space, in keeping with the European styling, and is also used to create stepping stones through the parterre gardens.

So impressed of this Toorak garden design and construction were the judges of the Landscape Industries Association of Victoria Awards that Exquisite Gardens won "Best Pavement in a Landscape" for their excellent control of level changes, detailed cutting and quality of line dimension.

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